Welcome! We're glad you visited our site. At A&O Currency, LLC, a name derived from my five children, Austin,Attis,Abraham,Oliver and Olivia, we invite you to become more familiar with who we are, what we do and how we operate.

A&O Currency, LLC deals and trades in all types of numismatics, but mostly in the field of obsolete currency and confederate currency. Our eyes are always open for great finds and deals. If there's something you're looking for, we'll do our best to find it for you. If you have something to sell, let us know that too! And be sure to come back to our site often, as we're always adding more bank notes.

Over the past 20 plus years, A&O Currency, LLC has grown larger and faster than I ever expected. Largely in part to my father, Austin M. Sheheen, Jr. Whose respected name and highest integrity I can only hope to uphold. He has guided me every step of the way. He's been my reference source for every aspect of the business. He's a wealth of knowledge and support and is my God-given gift. My hero. He's always eager to offer a helping hand and a stern voice of reason when needed. He's seldom wrong - which is why I listen when he says, "No! You'll lose your butt on that..." I so appreciate his guidance and his "free finders fee." This website is dedicated to him. Thanks, Dad. The examples you and Mom have set are an invaluable resource for me on a daily basis. I am truly blessed to have "grown" up in this business and known many of the old timey dealers that paved the way for many of us.

I would also like to thank all my old friends, and a few new ones who have given me so much help in so many ways over the years. From shared knowledge in various subjects to a "donation to the college fund." From help with my website to assistance with the notes - my deepest gratitude. You all know who you are!

By the way: The background photo on the front page of this website is Dad and me in 1969(age 3). The photo was originally featured in the South Carolina Newspaper, "The State," in an article about Dad's enormous paper money collection. The article's headline read: "Surrounded By Money." What a fabulous place to be!

-- Amanda Sheheen, Owner