Daughter Olivia and Son Abraham-2018

Son Oliver-2018

Daughter Attis and Daughter-in-law Hannah-2018

My Parents-2018

Son Abraham-2018

Son Austin and Daughter-in-law Hannah-2018


Abraham-2016-17 days old


Oliver-2016-17 days old

Attis-2016-17 months old

Attis-2015-9 months old

Olivia-2015-15 Years old

Austin and Grandpa-2015

Attis-2015 (7 Months)

Michael and I- 2012

Michael and I-2013

Fun snow days with Michael

He stole my fish I caught!

Dad and I-2014

My Hero-The one who taught me how to hunt!-2014

Pop and I at Memphis!

Crutch Williams and I at Memphis show (Tradition!)2013


Austin and I-2012-Love my sweet man!

Me, Austin and Olivia-2011


Me and 3 nieces!

Kids and I visiting the sick at Christmas-2011


Me and Niece Boo at her rehearsal party!-2012

Austin and Cousin Watson-2011

Sister Donna and my Mom-2012

Me and Austin-2011

Olivia and Cousin Hannah-2011

Me and Crutchfield Williams at Memphis-Partners in Crime!


Kids and I

My big Austin and little Austin

Two Gamecock Girls!

My Two Sluggers!

Me and sister Rebecca-2010

Austin and Olivia-2008


Austin 2007-Dixie Youth

Me and Two Wonderful Nieces!

Me and my girls (Nieces) at Wedding!

Austin and Olivia 2005

Mom and Dad 2006

The Kids and I Christmas 2005

My Grandmother, family and Pope John Paul, II

Amanda at wedding!

Austin 2004

My Dad and Olivia 2004